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What We Grow

Check out our seasonal growing list for for what you might find on a visit to the farm, in your CSA box or at the Farmers' Market.  Our list changes with the seasons, weather and circumstance.

Highlighted items will take you to a link with a recipe containing the ingredient at!

Covelo Organic Seasonal Growing List
 Basil Onions
 Beets Parsley
 Bok Choy
 Broccoli Pears
 Cabbage Peppers/Hot
 Carrots Peppers/Sweet
 Cauliflower Pluots
 Celery Potatoes
 Chard Pumpkins
 Cherries Radishes
 Cilantro Scallions/green onions
 Collards Snap Peas
 Corn Spinach
 Cucumber Summer Squash
 Eggplant Tomatoes
 Fennel Turnips
 Leeks  Winter Squash
 Love assorted flowers & herbs